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Welcome to World’s Architecture  very first post !

First of all, Merry Christmas and if you don’t celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays. It’s my favorite time of the year and today is even more special cause I finally decided to launch my own website.

I’d been trying to write this presentation for what it seems like a decade and it turns out it’s a lot harder than I thought… After doing what everyone does in a moment of crisis, I searched in Google “ How to write your first blog entry “  and it seems a lot of people have an opinion about this topic. Who knew…

Well, this is what I came up with.


Who are you

Who am I? That’s a tough question to start off.

My name is Filipa, a 23 years old Portuguese girl from Porto. I’m on my last year of master’s degree in architecture and currently starting my dissertation – who would have thought that writing a thesis is even harder than your first blog post.

This past year was definitely a change and turbulent time for me, not in a bad way. Exactly one year ago I was living in Prague, studying abroad and preparing Christmas dinner – we made lasagna and garlic bread – with some of my international friends. Today I’m back in my home town spending Christmas with my family. However, between today and one year ago, a lot has changed. Long story short,  I moved to Lisbon and lived with my best friend for 7 months, got a full time job, decided what I wanted to do for my master’s dissertation, saved some money, resigned from my job, moved back to Porto… and last but not least finally had the guts to start the website that I been imagining.

And now here we are!


Why are you blogging

First part done, good. That was easy.

Now you’re probably wondering, or maybe not, “Why did you decide to create World’s Architecture?”

In September 2015 I moved to Prague to study abroad during one semester as part of the Erasmus program. While I was there I felt quite frustrated because I couldn’t find on the Internet a place where I could just go and look what was important for me to see as an architecture student.

The information that I found was always all mixed together in several different websites, where you need to actual know what you’re looking for to be able to find it. I also realized that most of the times the material was superficial, only focusing on the architecture landmarks that everybody knows. When eventually they did talk about not so well-known buildings it was too boring and long!

Ok, what I’m trying to say here is: everybody knows when you go to Paris you have to see the Eiffel Tower and in Rome you see the Coliseum. That’s just common sense…

I want to create a website for all the frustrated people like me that love architecture. A place appropriate for everyone and not only architects. Where you can just go to a city and search all the important buildings and urbanism interventions, without putting you to sleep. After five years of studying architecture, believe me I know the feeling. Architects can be so boring when then write with all their expensive words that nobody understands.


What will you be blogging about

Now, what will I blog about.

I already kind of answered in the previous point.  Here in World’s Architecture you can expect basically architecture travel guides. I will organize the information by city or country and in categories, that being sometimes by architect, location, time, style, etc… whatever makes your life easier. 


How can I leave feedback

Uff, finally the last point.

Hopefully by this time you are not bored yet. If you are I already failed and became one of those architects that I was talking about… That make you yawn and I’m not even an architect yet.

Now, I don’t really like to write things like this but Google recommended  so here it goes.

All the feedback is appreciated! You can comment down below or find me through my social media and email.

I will be posting every  Sunday  so let me know what you would like to see on World’s Architecture. See you next week!


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