Modern Architecture in Belgium: the not so typical Bruges guide

As you can tell by my previous post I was in Bruges! It’s a fascinating city full of architecture gems.. Beautiful Medieval buildings like for example the Belfry Tower where you can have the best view of the city from a 83 meters tower.

However I wanted to see another side of Bruges which you probably don’t associate with this city. I wanted to see their most recent and modern buildings.


Side Note

Just to clarify something up. I don’t use the word “Modern” as the architecture style and period that emerged in the first half of the 20th century. The buildings I will talk about are not from the Modern Period, this buildings are considered Contemporary.

Hopefully I can explain myself… I had a class called History of Modern Architecture. In this class I studied the architecture periods from Middle Age till the Neo-Classicism. These are styles you probably won’t associate the word “Modern”. However, most of the architects that I studied like Micheangelo or Borromini reinvented architecture with the new materials and ideologies from their time they can be considered modern.

So, again, I’m using the word modern not as an architecture style but as a way of thinking… and because is a more searchable term.


The four buildings I’m going to show you are just a small representation of Contemporary Architecture in Bruges and the most popular ones. There’s a lot more than these four!

So here it is! The Modern Architecture in Belgium: the not so typical Bruges guide.


Rijksarchief Brugge




De Gouden Boom










Bibliotheek Sint-Andries



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